What we do?

The Edridge Fund exists to provide money and support to people in need in the Probation Service and Family Courts Service


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What our fund does…

Many Probation and Family Courts Service staff spend their working lives dealing with other people’s problems but do not always know where to turn when things get difficult for themselves.

The Edridge Fund is here to provide money, support and help if you need it. This could mean cash to cope with an immediate crisis, and for support and advice from one of our Representatives. We are unable to provide financial advice, but try to assist applicants with advice about other sources of help.

If you need to apply for help from the Edridge Fund, please go to our “Apply Now” page, where you can find an application form, which you can download, or there is an on-line application form.

If you are unsure as to whether you would be eligible to apply, there is further information in our “Application Guidelines”.