January 2018


NAPO AGM news:

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We had another successful time on the Edridge stall at AGM this year, although the shorter event and location of the stalls was a challenge in terms of footfall. We understand that plans are being made for next year that may enable us to run the stall for longer and in a position that can maximise our contact with members.

Thanks to NAPO staff for all their efforts to assist us on the stall- we really appreciate it. All the remaining Christmas Cards were sold, and we will invest in some more for the stall next year. 50/50 picked up many new members and we met some winners! We trialled our first effort at contactless giving, which was not without its problems, but we were encouraged that takings on the stall remained consistent with the previous year at around £1100.

Gathering at AGM - image
thanks to all the Reps who attended or spoke to us on the stall...

This is photo of our fabulous Reps meeting and thanks to all the Reps who attended or spoke to us on the stall. Our reps do an amazing job of keeping the profile of Edridge high in the workplace, which both offers support to applicants and raises funds. If you’d like to be a Rep, please have a look on our website where you can see what’s involved. Or, give Sarah Byatt in our office a ring and she can put you in touch with another rep who could give you some inside info.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the bucket collection, donated on the stall and bought random items.

Trustee news:

One great outcome from AGM was the recruitment of three new Trustees. Yes, three! Welcome to Denise Astley, Peter Rowe and Rachel Goldhill. We know you can make a big difference to how quickly Trustees can deal with applications. As we said above, we still desperately need a new Chair of the Board of Trustees as I must step down in May. Email me to find out more- the time commitment is a regular one and a great way to stay involved with colleagues and union work.

Fundraising News:

Fundraising highlights this year have included finding out that the Fund had been left a significant bequest of around £60,000 by an unknown regular donor. He had given us a small annual donation of around £20 per year but unbeknownst to us had also remembered us in his will. All we know about him was that he was a retired vicar in the Cotswolds, but it’s clear that sometime, somehow the Probation Service or Family Courts must have entered his heart, and he never forgot us. The Trustees intend to use the bulk of this money for regular grants but will devote a small proportion to improving our fundraising so that we can build a sustainable future for the Fund. Amazing news!

We have also been lucky in gaining £2065 from the Trade Union Unit Trust fund, thanks to a tip off from NAPO staff= thank you! This money will be spent on keeping a regular supply of posters and leaflets available for office-based events, and further investment in some form of contactless giving. In terms of other regular donations, we are very grateful to the Civil Service Insurance Society who have continued to sustain the Edridge Fund in very difficult times, and we are hopeful of a further grant for 2019.

Our fantastic Reps continue to organise events and fundraise for us on a local level- most recently Four Shires Rep Anna Szumlicki kept up her superhuman efforts with a Christmas event. She even managed to give the contactless giving box a run-out. If other branches would like to run an event and could use the box, please let Sarah Byatt at the Edridge office know. Thanks to all of you for fantastic efforts!

Let us know if your Branch has any ideas for fundraising events in the New Year- we can support you with sponsor forms, t-shirts and the JustGiving details to allow you to collect online as well as the contactless giving box.

Donations always welcome:

There are many ways you can support the Edridge Fund apart from organising Fundraising events. The most popular ways of donating are:

• The 50/50 lottery– costs just £12 per year and you could win up to £120 each month.

• Regular standing order- just fill in your details on the Edridge website.

• JustGiving- one off gifts, see the website.

Help we could give to applicants recently:

Edridge applications come in all shapes and sizes, facing all sort of challenges including:

Support for an NPS staff member on sick leave with the cost of childcare for their autistic children

• Support for a CRC Trainee PO with travel costs

• Support for an NPS PO who needed a new boiler after a flood.

Please consider applying if you are in hardship and think we could help or mention us to a colleague when then are in difficulty. Details on this website or from your Edridge Rep.

Thanks for all your support

Charlotte Dunkley

Chair of Trustees.