Becoming a Trustee

Working together at The Edridge Fund…

The Edridge Fund is urgently seeking two new Trustees, and looking to shortly appoint a new Chair of Trustees. Napo will be sending out a circular, seeking nominations shortly. Candidates  then send their nomination form to Napo, for consideration by the NEC of Napo, who decide on who is to be appointed.


Become a Trustee – and make a difference

About the Edridge Fund

The Edridge Fund exists to provide money and support to people working in Probation and CAFCASS. We also support retired staff and dependants. We assist people at times of stress and financial crisis. This can mean cash to cope with an immediate problem, and support and advice from one of our representatives.

Why become a Trustee?

The Edridge Fund advertises Trustee vacancies on its website so please check back regularly or get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.Becoming a Trustee would enable you to make a positive difference to the lives of colleagues and former colleagues. Our Trustees find their role incredibly rewarding. You will have the opportunity to develop decision-making, communication and influencing skills.

What’s involved?

The Trustees meet in London from 11am to 4pm four times a year with expenses paid. There is also one teleconference per year. Trustees exchange emails regularly between meetings to reach decisions on applications. Approximately three or four hours a week commitment is needed, with wide flexibility on when this time is spent.

Time to act

If you would like to become a Trustee, please contact the Secretary to Trustees, Karen Monaghan, on