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The Edridge Fund is urgently seeking a new Trustee. We have appointed a new Trustee recently, but we now have a further vacancy. There is a process whereby candidates send a nomination form to Napo, for consideration by the NEC of Napo, who decide on who is to be appointed.

Napo sent out a circular, seeking nominations, in November, but so far there have been no further nominations. A few people did express interest at AGM, but this has not produced any applications.

It is vital to the working of the Edridge Fund for a new Trustee to be appointed, and would welcome discussion with anybody who would be prepared to take up this important role. There is a high level of support for new Trustees, and we can give you a clear picture of what would be involved. New Trustees are given space to “learn the ropes”, and are mentored by one of the existing Trustees in the early stages of working for the Fund. So please read the information below and give us a call. Details of how to contact us are set out below.

This is a valuable role, and is very rewarding. It is time limited and you can retire at any time if you need to.

If you are interested, and would like to learn more, please call our voicemail on 020 3397 7025 (standard rates apply), or email, and we will get back to you with further information. It could be arranged for you to talk to one of our Trustees to get a better insight into the role. However, we have set out below a brief outline of what being a Trustee means.

Anybody considering becoming a Trustee should look at the Charity Commission guidance on what the role and responsibilities are. This can be found at…


Being a Trustee

The Edridge Fund is governed by five Trustees, who are all elected by the NEC of Napo, which is our parent body. However, the Fund is independent of Napo, and Trustees are therefore completely independent of Napo, and run the charity according to Charity Commission guidelines with advice from their staff, in particular the Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.

Trustees serve for a period of 5 years, and can put themselves up for re-election for a further five years if they wish, though the maximum is 2 terms. The Trustees meet 4 times a year for a whole day meeting, usually in London, and there is a fourth meeting which is done by teleconference. Travel expenses are paid for these meetings, and any other reasonable expenses.

The overall responsibility of the Trustees is to carry out the purpose of the charity, which is essentially to provide financial assistance to eligible people, and manage the resources of the charity to ensure that it continues to be able to do its work. The Trustees also recruit and manage the employment of staff to assist in the running of the charity.

When applications for assistance are received they are sent to Trustees by secure email, and the Trustees then have a discussion by email, and a final decision is made. This is the day to day work of the Trustees, but at other times they are discussing governance, publicity and fund raising.

Trustees need to have a reasonable level of computer literacy, but we have staff who can assist Trustees with technical matters, and as long as you can handle email there should be no problem.

So there it is – please do not hesitate to call. Talking to us puts you under no obligation; we just want to make sure that anybody thinking of doing this knows what is involved before doing anything about it.

Trustees can find a regular Charities update of new regulation, advice and opinion here.