Mission Statement

The Edridge Fund of Napo


Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives


Our Mission Statement

Helping probation and family court staff in times of need


• To ensure that Edridge reaches all in need in probation and family courts, including retired staff and dependants

• Ensure that Edridge is well-known to all involved in probation and family court work as the charity for the sector

Objectives for 2019 – 2020

  • Continue to sustain and build a positive relationship with NAPO to achieve Aims.
  • Continue to promote the 50/50 lottery and regular donations as a means of contributing towards Edridge
  • Ensure maximum awareness of the Edridge Fund through submission of articles for Napo news
  • Monitor grant levels to ensure that they correspond with needs
  • Maintain the website to keep it appealing and informative
  • Raise profile by increasing level of visibility in Probation and Family Courts.
  • Annual review of decision-making,
  • Complete list of sources for Trustees to be enabled to suggest other referrals,
  • Develop links between Reps and Trustees,
  • Increase number of Edridge Reps.

Business Plan and Objectives 2019-2020

Service Delivery

We will

• Delivery a timely response to all applicants to the Fund

• Handle all personal information sensitively and securely

• Provide an explanation to those applicants where a grant is refused

• Provide additional information on alternative sources of assistance to all applicants


We will

• Abide by financial protocols

• Maximise income

• Produce a balanced budget


We will

• Maintain a viable compliment of Trustees

• Provide support and supervision to all staff

• Maintain records and provide reports in line with the requirements of both Napo and the Charity Commission

• Maintain and build relationships with key partner organisations


1. To provide a response to all applicants within 3 weeks of receipt in 95% cases

2. To have named representatives in 100% of Napo branches

3. To maintain governance costs at 10% or below of annual grant income

Key risks and mitigating factors

1. Reduction in grant revenue from parent organisation. Mitigating factors would be

• Identifying and securing grants from other relevant organisations

• Increasing donations from members

• Supporting fundraising activities within branches

• Maximising fundraising at Napo AGM

2. To increase named representatives by 20%.  Mitigating factors would be…

• Increase awareness of Edridge in regional offices

• Provide immediate advice and support to potential applicants

3. Increase in demand/level of need from applicants. Mitigating factors would be

• Review of and utilisation of Fund reserves

• Signposting applicants to additional sources of support


Document revised: July 2020