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You have got to this page, and you want to donate some money to Edridge, but do you do it. Previously, if you clicked on the donation links on every page of this website you were taken to the website, but now we are using this page to have one place where you can see all the options.
There are four ways to donate to Edridge, and we set them out below.

With you can make a single donation, or set up a regular Direct Debit to your Bank account or Credit Card, and you can also turn your donation into Gift Aid once you have set up the payment. It does not cost you anything, and Edridge only pays a small fee for all of their services, and they even take care of the HMRC Gift Aid return, so we get that immediately.

To use this service just click on this link, and it will take you to our own page. You do need to set up your own account with, if you do not have one already, but that is quite easy. You will then be able to donate to other charities easily with just a few clicks.

Send us a cheque

Well that is very easy! You may have seen elsewhere that Edridge is having all of its post sent to Napo Head Office, and it is then sent on to our Administration team every day.
Please make cheques out to “Edridge Fund”, and post to:-

The Edridge Fund of Napo
65 Mortlake High Street, London, SW14 8HL

If you want to write us a letter we would love that, but to save time
you can download our one page leaflet “How to Donate to Edridge
at the foot of this page.

The form lets you give us your address, so we can write to thank you,
and there is also a Gift Aid Declaration on the form. In fact the form
repeats all of the information on this page, so keep a copy of it for future use.

Send Money to our Bank Account

The easiest way to send money to our account is by internet banking, and the details of our account are set out below. Our Bank is part of the “Faster Payments” system so the money reaches us quickly. It would be helpful if you send us an email to let us know how much you have sent, and if you want to make the donation as Gift Aid just say this in the email and give us your address, including the post code – you do not have to sign a special form to do this.

Bank: Unity Trust Bank
Account Name : Edridge Fund
Sort Code:  60 83 01
Account Number: 20090469

Please send your email to

Thank you.

Give as you earn

Please contact your HR or Payroll lead to find out how to donate in a tax efficient way to The Edridge Fund of Napo, directly through you payroll. This service is currently managed in partnership with Edenred.

Our How to Donate information form is here…

Donation information here…pdf


View, print or download this pdf form.