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Supporting colleagues at The Edridge Fund…


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About the Edridge Fund

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The Edridge Fund exists to provide money and support to people working in Probation and CAFCASS. We also support retired staff and dependants. We assist people at times of stress and financial crisis. This can mean cash to cope with an immediate problem, and support and advice from one of our representatives.


The Edridge Representative acts as a point of liaison for applicants and potential applicants to the Edridge Fund. The representative is a key intermediary between applicants and trustees, as ultimate decision-makers on grants. The role is voluntary (unpaid) yet rewarding in terms of the assistance which can be provided to colleagues in times of need and considerable distress.


Processing applications: Provide details on how to apply to the Edridge Fund, assist where required in completing application forms: liaising with applicants when Trustees have particular concerns, occasionally chasing applications where necessary.

Welfare support: Acting as a concerned colleague to applicants in times of distress, signposting applicants to other potential sources of help, explaining the criteria for grants to applicants, following up with applicants after a grant decision is made, if necessary.

Raising awareness of Edridge: Ensuring Edridge is publicised in all work places, ensuring Edridge is discussed at branch meetings, following Edridge on social media, seek to raise awareness amongst non-Napo and retired members, representing Edridge at conferences and staff events.

Fundraising: A number of Edridge reps have run their own fundraising events (e.g sponsored race), others have conducted bucket collections at conferences. The simplest way to fund-raise for Edridge is by publicising our 50/50 lottery.


If Representatives incur expenses in the course of their work for Edridge, a claim can be made to the local Napo Branch in the first instance.

Time to act

If you would like to become a Rep, please contact the Administrator, Sarah Byatt on